Saturday February 15 2014

Domestic workers should be chosen carefully

By Dick Francis Tumusiime

Recently, there have been cases of domestic workers disappearing from people’s homes with property and even children and committing other crimes.

I would like to share with the public some guidelines on how to reduce those risks.

Get a worker from someone you trust or from a trusted agency. The worker should have a recommendation letter from the LC1. Check with the area secretary for women to confirm. Ask for their identification e.g. voter’s card. Get recent passport /full size photos and visit her next of kin nearest to you and this must be a relative with permanent residence.
Take her to your home and introduce her to your area LC1. Medical test are also recommended. Surprise her with visits during the day so she is never sure of your schedule. Your neighbours can help you to watch her movements. Note that some LCs recommend any body just for money!

Appeal: Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development should provide a list of recommended domestic and external employment agencies whose directors have been vetted.

Some employers mistreat domestic workers and should be blacklisted and domestic workers involved in criminal activities should be publicised and their names and photos shared among employment agencies.Together we can reduce these wrong acts
Dick Francis Tumusiime,