Don’t fault KCCA for railway evictions

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Posted  Saturday, August 2   2014 at  01:00

The sharp criticism by some members of the public of Kampala Capital City Authority that is drawn from the recent eviction of people from the railway land reserve is unfair and a characteristic of dishonesty.
Why should an honest person settle and raise structures on land that does not belong to them and even ask for compensation before they can be evicted? These are just dishonest people who think they can make money out of these illegal settlements. I believe that this eviction is a lesson to irresponsible settlements by some people in and around the city.
However, KCCA and other public bodies who sit back and just watch as people encroach on their land must be faulted. This laxity should not be tolerated. Tax payers are losing a lot of money spent on these evictions which money could be used for something more useful.
Raphael Okiot,

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