Monday August 18 2014

Drop terms like molestation and defilement; it is child rape

By Joseph van Eijndhoven

Your special report about defilement last Sunday greatly annoyed me for several reasons but mostly because you use the word ‘defilement’ instead of calling this vice what it is: child rape!

Also in your reports on Tuesday and Thursday, you introduce the word ‘molestation’ while the truth is that tens of thousands of children are being raped.

The raping of girls is a crime often condoned by Ugandan society under the pretext of culture.

The background to this nonsensical reasoning is the fact that Uganda is a patriarchal society where many men see women as second rate citizens.

Ugandan men have proven time and again that they are not willing to give up their privileges.

They own the lands, they run the clans, they own the cows, the houses, they evict women from their homes after the husband dies, they don’t bother to send their daughters for higher education, they monopolise the household money for their drinking sprees, etc.

And most of all, they consider women their sexual property.

Granted, there are men who are enlightened and behave differently but the vast majority don’t treat women well.

I have been a personal witness to this for decades and I challenge any man to dispute this sad truth.

Part of this male dominance over women is use of language.

Whoever doubts the power of the oppressor to abuse language to further his cause should read Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Ugandan men use the words ‘defilement’ and ‘molestation’ to sanitise a crime! The rape, abduction and torture of children in Uganda is sickening. And so is the national cover-up.

Daily Monitor newspaper can start the change by calling this vice what it is: child rape.

Joseph van Eijndhoven
Zaandam, The Netherlands