Wednesday January 8 2014

Elect effective local council leaders

Last year several media reports attributed most problems like increased rates of violent crime and defilement to the delays in conducting local council elections. As immediate watchers, local councils would quickly carry out door-to-door checks, register residents, identify visitors, and quickly pass security information to citizens.

Sound grassroot administration can bring about the socio-economic transformation we all long for. But it will take a non-partisan approach to achieve that. It may also require vetting of candidates by independent/non-partisan entities.

One of the major reasons why poverty, ignorance, disease and jiggers have built strongholds in some rural areas is because local residents tend to vote people as leaders for the wrong reasons. Those that are sympathetic, soft enough to condone poor hygienic conditions are counted as ‘good’ leaders. Whoever shows strictness about domestic issues such as personal/community hygiene, family welfare is labelled as arrogantand is sidelined.

We need effective leadership to sensitise the population about their rights and responsibilities. It must be competent enough and abreast with modern life.

Charles Okecha
St. Paul’s College, Mbale