Emulate Mandela

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Posted  Tuesday, December 17   2013 at  02:00

Death is not a question of if; it is a matter of when. Yes the natural phenomenon caught up with Africa’s giant Nelson Mandela. During Julius Caesar’s burial, Shakespeare wrote “I have come to burry Caesar but not to praise him”.

Madiba did not only have a long life but lived his life to its fullest surpassing all the great political animals this world has raised. Mandela eked his name in the world’s annals of history as the only man after death, who caused over 100 leaders to converge in one place to pay tribute to him.

This feat which caused countries national flags to fly at half mast from west pole to east pole and from North Pole to South Pole coupled with national mourning days ranging from three but not limited 10 days is a monument that will linger in people’s minds.

To the other African leaders, the writing is on the wall, Mandela set high standards for you to emulate. Better late than never so goes the English adage.

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