Tuesday March 25 2014

Fountain Publishers was not part of any dubious deals

We were dismayed by the story in the Saturday Monitor of March 22, titled ‘Secret probe stirs up tension in Ministry’ in which your reporter specifically mentioned our company Fountain Publishers as one of those being probed.

Following the newly instituted requirement by the government that all goods, including books, being imported into the country be inspected, the format of the reports from our printers in India did not match that set by Bank of Uganda. The discrepancies, were however, easily ironed out and the rightly formatted report was re-submitted. This problem affected all publishers supplying books under this project and not our company alone.

Whether a discrepancy in one document, out of the 106 others that were correctly submitted, merits an investigation is for the readers to judge. However, the story should have established what the findings of the so called probe were, instead of leaving it to the imagination of the readers. We respect any move to promote transparency in government. But we reject any insinuation, whether by commission or omission, that links us to dubious, and yet nonexistent deals.

Ann Nambalirwa Athiyo
Corporate Affairs Officer
Fountain Publishers