Thursday January 9 2014

Fund Uneb appropriately to guarantee independence

The media is awash with an incredible story of delayed funding of Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb). Consequently, commencement of marking of A-Level exams earlier due from January 2 is not possible while completion of marking and grading processes for Primary and Ordinary level exams has also stalled.

The prime reason for the delay is attributed to delayed release of funds by the government. This development is utterly unacceptable and can only happen in Uganda where the populace is so resigned to mind boggling levels. My contention in this regard is due to the fact that marking of exams is a programmed and routine matter whose funding must always be available.

The managers of public funds and the Ministry of Education must understand that the integrity of Uneb is anchored in its being able to resist any form of external influence. Once we continue neglecting Uneb to levels where examiners cannot be paid, the rogues shall take over and that will mark the final demise of Uganda’s education system.

Over the last decade, Uganda has positioned herself as a centre of excellence for learning. Messing up with Uneb, being a major components of the education sector, has far-reaching negative consequences to Uganda and must never happen.

Remember Nelson Mandela’s comment on the power of education: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Richard Mubiru,
Lufunve, Kyetume - Mukono