Monday January 6 2014

Good Samaritans are still alive and kicking in Uganda

Yesterday at about 9:30am along Ismail Road, Mbuya in Nakawa Division, I witnessed a gesture of love and compassion. A boda boda was ferrying a sick man to hospital when suddenly, the sick man lost grip and fell off the motorcycle. He hit his head on the tarmac and sustained bruises on the head and body.

Blood could be seen oozing from his eyes, mouth and ears. He convulsed as he writhed in pain. Behind the boda boda was a man in is his late 20s or early 30s driving an SUV - BMW X5.

He stopped and together with other road users and bystanders lifted the sick and injured man in to his sleek SUV and rushed him to hospital. In the meantime, another motorist volunteered to report the unfortunate accident to the police who came to the scene some minutes later.

It is truly good to see that there are still some Ugandans with compassion. May God bless you, Good Samaritan(s) and may the sick man recover soon!

Romano Dada,