Friday February 21 2014

Government initiatives must be enforced

The government last year introduced an incentive for teachers of science in form of allowances. Unfortunately, some officials have undermined this good gesture.

A case in point is one of the head teachers in Mayuge District who has never submitted the list of his teachers to the Ministry of Public Service as requested. Records both at the Education and Public Service ministries show that no list of teachers of science from his school were submitted. When the teachers opted to do the exercise on their own, the headmaster refused to sign the document to authenticate it.

I feel very offended that this man is supposedly under supervision and yet his supervisors have not bothered to establish why he is not following what his colleagues elsewhere have done.

What is the role of the sub-county internal security operative? What about our RDC, has she effectively followed through on this government programme to boost science teachers in her locality? Why can’t we see the District Education Officer enforcing this?

Is this not abuse of office? Maybe the Inspector General of Government can help to explain.

Patrick Mutambuze,
Nondwe village, Mayuge District