Tuesday February 11 2014

Government should adopt creative, fast-paced work methods

The recently-launched Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) could turn out to be very successful if well managed. The programme presents possibilities for Uganda’s young folks and can empower them to take center-stage in Uganda’s production and enterprise realm.

With our population getting younger by the day (more than 60 per cent below 35 years), it has been painful that most of these young people have largely been ‘squeezed’ out of profitable entreprenual activity due to lack of collateral security, a key pre-requisite for investment capital. The YLP represents a new dawn of hope for the unemployed and other youth who have been vulnerable to biting poverty.

Uganda is on the brink of real economic take-off with new opportunities like the on-going rural electrification, infrastructure expansion and discovery of oil. To propel the country to the next level, we should build a pool of innovators and ‘change-agents’ to who will harness this huge potential.

It is important that technical leaders in civil service continue to be innovative and think outside the box just as the ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development Permanent Secretary, Pius Bigirimana has done. The era of running government in the conventional, non-creative manner is gone.

M.W. Wambwa,
Bulambuli District