Monday February 10 2014

Government should explain dismal PLE performances

Questions must be asked why, of all national exams, the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) is consistently the most dismally performed for the past 10 years. Most people I know (from middle class families) have sons and daughters that scored above aggregate 7 and many top schools do not even have an aggregate 4. On the contrary, nowadays every Tom, Dick and Harry in Senior Four scores under aggregate 15 in their best eight subjects and above 20 points at A-Level.

In our days, Buganda Road, which was the best-performing primary school in Uganda, would normally have about 20 aggregate 4s with the Kitantes, Savios and Nakaseros easily having about 12 to 15 aggregate 4s. But now the comparative best performing schools normally have at the most 5 aggregate 4s or not any at all.

The government must explain this! Was there a change in curriculum without the parenting public being informed? These things are normally first extensively researched before they are implemented.

Is there an education content overload on the children? Why have PLE scores dropped while the other national exams have improved?

Peter Ssetumba Mugerwa