High crime rate a result of Adam’s rebellion in Garden of Eden

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Posted  Sunday, December 29  2013 at  02:00

The evils of every generation, ours inclusive, follow the pattern of Adam’s sin and rebellion. Corruption, greed, rape, defilement, divorce, theft, robbery, hatred, strife and war are all consequences of man’s sin and selfishness contrary to God’s ordinances of truth, justice, faithfulness, compassion and love.

Just imagine the huge size of our Ugandan Parliament grappling to enact laws to check crimes. How about the never ending street battles in Kampala punctuated with gun shots and tear gas? We spend billions in elections yet shortly after that, we regret over the conduct of those elected. All these can be avoided if people seek counsel of God about the right leaders to govern the country. Institutions like IGG, Anti - Corruption Court, prisons, and the Judiciary, wouldn’t be prioritised but are existent because of the high rate of crime. Our healthcare is under the yoke of avoidable expenses from diseases like STDsas well as accidents and other calamities.

If people fed properly, observed hygiene and kept the existing laws the story would be quite different.
Without selfish craving, there would be no wars in South Sudan, Central African Republic, Mali, Somalia and DRC Congo and other parts of the world. Racism wouldn’t be a problem at all.

There would be no fear and dread of nuclear weapons, which are a modern replicas of shrines. No drones. No terrorists. No human trafficking. No ICC. Except a United Nations with a better mandate to utilise funds designated for international security and justice systems in the development projects.

Charles Okecha, carlsok2@gmail.com