Saturday January 18 2014

High school dropout rate among girls should be controlled

I have read about how the school dropout rate is increasing day by day. About 71 per cent of girls who join Primary One never make it to Primary Seven. This is worrying.

If we are to secure the future and development of this country, human resource should be a priority and you cannot talk of economic development without development of the human resource. There have been various reports by agencies, and organisations such as Uwezo, which through Uganda National NGO Forum carried out assessments asking the question; “Are our children learning?” and the results were very alarming.

Girls have dropped out of school due to child abuse, teenage pregnancies and do not get the opportunity to return to school but are instead married off which is a danger to our economy. Schools should consider admitting these girls back to school after thy have given birth so that they continue with their education. Tougher laws should be put in place against parents who marry off these girls before they are of age.

If the education system, curriculum, welfare of teachers and improving the infrastructure of schools is also not dealt with, we are doomed.

Michael Aboneka,