Tuesday January 26 2016

How can you expect good healthcare from poorly paid medics?

I can only imagine how bad it would be if all employees in the country were in the state health workers in Pader are. Waking up to no pay for three months, yet obliged to stand by your work ethics to treat all kinds of illnesses and meet health demands from the communities around you. I read with a lot of sorrow an article published in the media revealing that a total of 83 health workers had not received pay, for the past three months in Pader District.

It is simply unfair that frontline heroes like health workers are not paid well and on time. It is sad that even the meager pay comes in months later than it should. If we put our priorities right as a country, the state of health infrastructure and systems would not be as appalling.

We will rush to blame a nurse for not going to her work station, where she has not been paid for three months forgetting that just like us, she is a human being, taking this as a job and learning to love it and serve to her best effort but equally in need of money to meet her daily needs and those of her dependents. We as usual hope that the budget will reflect some of the real problems of our country.
Megan Katasi