Tuesday March 18 2014

Inconsistency in birth dates will frustrate identity project

As the government implements the national identity project, we have a grave challenge in the development of the data base, which is inconsistent in the dates of birth of the majority of Ugandans. This is because many Ugandans do not have documented birth certificates.

Many Ugandans have different dates of birth on documents like driving permits, education certificates and testimonials, bank account details, passports, curriculum vitae, voters cards , medical insurance cards, etc. On trying to ascertain the correct date of birth in the event of provision of a critical and crucial service, which calls for consistence of the date of birth,many fail to tell the correct date and at times feign ignorance of the captured date of birth, say on a driving permit.
Any mindful citizen will always insist on the correct spelling of their names and date of birth when personal data is being captured.

The stakeholders in the national identity project should bring on board The Uganda Registration Bureau, The department of immigration, authorities that issue driving permits and the Electoral Commission to have consistency in the dates of birth of all citizens.

Percy Mulamba,