Wednesday July 9 2014

Is Seguku-Katale on water rationing cycle?

By Martin Makara

For about two months, there has been no water supply in Seguku-Katale. Initially, we were told that there was an electricity supply problem at the main water pumping facility for our area. When power supply stabilised, the story changed to the location and geography of Seguku-Katale, which we were told is hard to pump water to because it is a raised area! While we were still digesting this, the reason changed to increased demand that cannot be met.

We have been told that because of the increased demand for water, areas like ours will face supply rationing. This means that because NWSC is constrained in its ability to pump water to all customers at the same time, they will shut off some areas in order to serve other locations.

The fact that Seguku-Katale has had no water for seven weeks means we are not on the rationing schedule otherwise we would have been getting water at least once a week.
What makes it even more unfair is that we are still obligated to pay the same service charge as others that are receiving uninterrupted water supply.