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Posted  Thursday, January 2  2014 at  02:00

Fellow Ugandans, the Forum for Democratic Change recognises that the outgoing year has been a challenging one to the majority of Ugandans due to weak economic performance, persistence of wanton corruption as well as failure to direct sufficient resources to welfare enhancing sectors like health, agriculture, water services and education and senseless political harassment of citizen, who hold ideas and opinions different from those of the powers that be, to mention but a few.

We wish, therefore, to congratulate you all fellow citizens, who have through a lot of struggle, managed to complete 2013 and also wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2014.
As at its formation, in August 2004, the FDC will in 2014 remain focused on and work relentlessly for the realisation of a Uganda the People of Uganda want. The Uganda that we want is a Uganda where:-
• Democracy and justice prevail
• There is equal opportunity in all spheres of life
• Citizens trust their leaders and respect each others’ contributions to nation building and development • Hard work and innovations are recognised and rewarded appropriately
• Economic growth is accompanied by the creation of decent, productive and well remunerated employment
• All policy goals put the poor first and not the vested interests of a minority few
• Government revenue is used to provide a good health for our people, especially maternal and child health and an education that equips our children with the skills and values necessary for the socio - economic transformation of Uganda.
• People are permanently free from hunger and malnutrition.
The Uganda we want can only be brought about by people of Uganda themselves, united and working together as a team.

All Ugandans, therefore, have an abiding duty to assume the mantle of responsible citizenship and to play our part in realising the vision of a united, free, prosperous and humane Uganda.
This is our country and we need to work as a team to salvage it. Therefore, let us join hands in fighting for the principles and values that will bring about the Uganda the people of Uganda want.

We, therefore, call upon all Ugandans of good will to join FDC’s non violent and democratic struggle to bring about the change we want in the Year 2014. May God Bless you. One Uganda! One People!

Saalamu Musumba, Acting FDC party president