Keep ethnic issues out of church

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Posted  Sunday, December 29  2013 at  02:00

Buganda Katikkiro Peter Mayiga used Christmas Mass at Rubaga Cathedral to announce Kabaka Mutebi’s plans for January, notably visiting Kayunga District, commonly known by its county nameof Buganda, Bugerere. This is still a sensitive matter, which raises different emotions among different people.

Mayiga has other fora where he could announce this, including the kingdom’s radio station. Please save us this. Most Catholics in Uganda regard Rubaga as the seat of the Church, despite the autonomy of each province. We, therefore, should not use it as a platform for Buganda Kingdom matters.

Mengo matters as a class question as were the Bastille in pre-Revolution France. At national level, our Bastille is the Parliament and its larger environs. Ugandans should understand this reality in that context.

Sandra Birungi, sandexbit@yahoo.com.au