Wednesday February 26 2014

Kyankwanzi retreat did not address corruption

It is disappointing that the NRM’s recent retreat at Kyankwanzi did not deal with concrete issues of governance. There was no effort made to discuss the institutionalised corruption in government which has for long held back our national development endeavours, and which is responsible for the acute and chronic poverty to which a big section of our population has been condemned to live with and poor service delivery.

We all know too well that any ambitious development plans, however good they are, will not amount to anything as long as we continue to tolerate and worship corruption. This is why we shall be working on the same roads yearly instead of working on new ones.

Reading the daily media reports on corruption cases ; the rot which the Auditor General and the IGG uncover and expose in their regular reports and lack of government interest and determination to act decisively on these reports, is a clear testimony that corruption is not an important issue here.

The retreat should have concerned itself seriously with assessment and evaluation of key governance performance – transparency, accountability, respect for the rule of law, community participation and inclusion, independent Judiciary, impartial and incorruptible police force and free and fair elections. Issues concerning youth unemployment and environment should have been fully dealt with too.

Unfortunately, it was all about bull-roasting, photo sessions and MPs trying to outmaneuver each other as to who loves President Museveni more. It was a waste of tax payers’ money and a big shame indeed!

Grace Okeng,