Tuesday September 2 2014

Leaders should be selfless, not materialistic and greedy

By Kyomya Ruganda Katera

A nation’s prosperity and security depend on righteous leaders, who prudently make decisions with wisdom and equity.

A nation’s downfall and ruin is certain, when its leaders are influenced by favours and rewards. Leaders should avoid political compromise while in office, especially the taking of bribes which will cause the nation’s destruction.

Leaders must have exceptional character, they should be so dedicated to principle that they cannot be bought for any price.

Their character must be so strong as to mock any efforts to compromise Morals, justice, mercy, or truth. They should be noble far above their peers, with a fearless and committed hatred of evil. They must have one motive at all times – to make all decisions based on righteousness and fairness.

Leaders of truth should hate liars and any distortion of the truth. They should never put a spin on anything. Leaders hating covetousness cannot be bought, for they do not love money or reward.

It is a shame that some people take pride in being lobbyists. Their work is to influence decision makers to rule in their favour, sometimes by offering gifts or other compensation. It is a shame when any conflict of interest influences the decisions of leaders.

When sound judgment, equity, and truth are practiced in the highest position of authority in a nation, this righteous example will affect the entire nation. We should encourage cadres of leaders who are not materialistic and are haters of primitive accumulation of wealth.

Kyomya Ruganda Katera,