Friday November 23 2012

Leaders should strive for political tolerance to promote democracy

President Obama’s extension of an olive branch to his competitor, Mitt Romney, should be a lesson to our political leaders and a clear indication that political leaders must work together. Even in a close election, the winner and the loser should find ways to work together on behalf of the people.

For a country to move forward, all its citizens have to pull together. The lesson here is to respect one another’s differences. We should be tolerant to difference in opinions.
Democracy and governance are about taking care of the people and ensuring that the right people hold leadership and are accountable to the voters.

In a healthy democracy, candidates who lose elections concede defeat, relinquish power gracefully and peacefully recognise the will of the people.

By doing this, defeated candidates serve as models that strengthen the nation’s democratic tradition.

Ismael Sulaiman Masaba,