Let’s advocate for a clean and kavera-free environment

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Posted  Monday, December 9  2013 at  00:00

The most visible waste in Uganda is polyethylene products. Polyethylene waste like bags, bottles or other package material are littered carelessly along streets and roads, pollute agriculture land and clog drainage systems. Many animals accidently eat polyethylene waste and end up dying.

We should forbid the distribution of thin polyethylene products, like cities in the US such as Los Angeles and San Francisco who has passed laws to handle this problem. Shoppers have to bring their own bags to the supermarket or buy a strong bag made of paper.

Committed and engaged citizens who are advocating for a clean and polyethylene free Uganda should convince local authorities and the national government to act. Everybody can be a role model, let’s start to make Uganda free of plastic bags!

Dr Mark S. Nadjafi,