Let’s increase our food production first

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Posted  Sunday, July 27   2014 at  14:59

Uganda has enough problems at hand and in these is the low production of food. The problem is caused by the various markets for example South Sudan, DR Congo, Kenya and other countries which all feed from the same food basket.
Our lack of government funding to the agriculture sector is the number one problem hence the low production of food. With Naads, the story was supposed to be a better one, but it seems Naads was created for a few to benefit. Agriculture will continue to suffer and the farmer will not see the reason for the meagre budget allocation.
That said, I wonder whether Uganda has the capacity to monitor and control genetically modified products. My other worry is whether we shall continue exporting our produce to Europe where we have been exporting organic food. With big chunks of unutilised arable land in Uganda, we only have to put it to use and increase on productivity per unit area to meet the increased food demand.
Dornam Ahumuza

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