Saturday June 7 2014

Let’s make the world a better place

By Abubakar Ssemmandwa

We can make the world a better place to live in by formulating and legislating laws which can reverse the devastating trend the world seems to be embarking on such as silence and inaction on global warming, nuclear bombs, the soaring debt burden of developing countries, etc.

There is need to re-route the status quo not only in Africa, but in the entire world.

While the empowered people of the UK are busy putting up skyscrapers, constructing new rail lines, building and modernising hospitals, schools, etc, in Africa, deprived children are not only malnourished, but defiled, slaughtered and sacrificed by the rich and the powerful self-worshippers.

Women deliver on bare floors in corridors of hospitals without birth attendants, and many die due to loss of blood and other birth-related complications. And leaders are busy seizing every opportunity to collect as much money as they can. This trend has to change.