Monday January 6 2014

Let’s not get too involved in crises

I like and support the fact that the Ugandan army went to Somalia to save fellow African lives in that country and stop Al-shabaab from ruling the whole country. This was good for African unity/solidarity.

However, I am unhappy to note that the UPDF seems to be very anxious to go to war. As soon as war breaks out somewhere in a neighbouring country, next thing one hears is that the UPDF is somehow at the scene.

We got involved in the Congo war; and left a bad name in that country. Before Sudan broke into two states, we were being accused by the Bashir government of being involved in the Sudan government war with its rebels. When the African Union wanted African countries to send troops for the Somali war, many countries were hesitant to respond, but Uganda did. Now war breaks out in South Sudan and Ugandan troops are already there.

My concern is that, soon people in neighbouring countries might begin to look at Uganda as a war monger who is anxiously waiting for war to break out in a neighbouring country so they can rush to the rescue. It looks like some leaders are slowly developing another approach to prolong their stay in power. Please, government, let us reduce the speed; this country belongs to all of us, not just you; learn to consult and listen to Parliament and the Ugandans at large.

Paul Makanda, Kampala