Tuesday July 1 2014

MPs are to blame for begger mentality

Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Kahinda Otafiire was quoted in the media castigating voters for begging from their MPs. Maj Gen Otafiire feels that leaders are overstretched by their constituents through persistent demands to pay school fees, meet medical bills, build churches, etc.
Whereas I concur with the minister, it is important to dig out the root cause of this begging. For starters, Uganda’s electoral politics is over commercialised. For one to win an election, they must have a lot of money to give voters.
Secondly, our leaders tend to promise beyond what they are mandated to do or are capable of doing. It is not rare for an MP to promise to tarmac roads, build health centres and even bridges well knowing that they neither have capacity nor the mandate to fulfil those promises. This dupes the voter to believe that their MP is a source of goodies.
In my view, when we blame the beggars we misguide our missiles.
Andrew Katurubuki,