Tuesday July 22 2014

Mailo land evictions contributed to NRM loss in Luweero

A fundamental factor that caused our massive defeat as the NRM, in the Luweero Woman MP by-election which, unfortunately, missed out in Minister Richard Tadwong and John Simbwa’s postmortem analysis, is the ongoing rampant evictions on Mailo land in rural Buganda.

Evictions are occurring with near impunity! Hence causing the alienation, of the hitherto supportive peasants, from the NRM because they had expected authority to protect them.

Concurrently, this scenario proved a godsend for Democratic Party’s Brenda Nabukenya. She effectively utilised this calamity for her electoral gain! She effectively portrayed herself as a champion of land rights of threatened bibanja tenants, against land grabbers!

Some of the villages where mass evictions have occurred, in Luweero, include Bumbu, Vumba and Yandwe in Kalagala, Bamunanika and Butuntumula Sub-counties respectively. And this is a tip of the proverbial ice berg. Government fundamentally requires to resolves Buganda’s Mailo land agrarian crisis.

Kintu Nyago,
New York