Mandela, your legacy will live on

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Posted  Monday, December 9   2013 at  00:00

We join the Nelson Mandela family in celebrating the life of an honourable statesman, freedom fighter, and loving father of the Rainbow Nation, whose well lived life has touched almost each and every man and woman along the length and breadth of planet earth.

A fresh shoot that sprang forth from the banks of the Mbashe River tracing the lineage of the Thembu royal family, Madiba stayed true to the blood that coursed through his veins; neither turning his back on unfairness nor shying away from intimidation, as he pursued justice for the majority that called South Africa home.

Enchanted by the tales of the elders, the love of African history soon struck a chord that reverberated to the utmost depths of his soul. Leadership would soon beckon in the name of the African National Congress Youth League and respond he would. As the knot of racial segregation and open repression tightened, the once peaceful revolutionary, having been pursued and boxed into a tight corner relented, taking on the more radical sabotage and militant excursion. Judgment followed swiftly and a hefty price; a score and seven years, you paid.

Never one to be dissuaded, your freedom once regained; it was back to the Peoples cause again. While the world watched your re-emergence, expecting anger for the 27-year stranglehold, and bitterness, rage and vengeance for the injustice suffered, you struck gold again. With wisdom as old as the hills, all that oozed out of the wounds from the oppressors whip was an open greeting in the name of peace, democracy and freedom for all. Father of the Rainbow Nation, your passion for a life free of domination has inspired many. Your unfazed, unflinching thrust for the ideals of harmony and equal opportunities for all persons inconsiderate of race has flung the lifeline out to all those living in oppression. Your legacy lives on in perpetuity, inspiring countless generations.

Prof John Ddumba-Ssentamu,
Vice chancellor, Makerere University