Mandela held Ugandan passport

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Posted  Wednesday, December 11   2013 at  11:52

The Daily Monitor of December 9, published a story titled , “Nelson Mandela: ANC and his legacy in Uganda,”. It is reported in the story that at one point Nelson Mandela held a Ugandan passport.

The question is, how did Mandela get this passport? The answer is found in Milton Obote’s “Notes on concealment of genocide in Uganda” found at http://upcparty.net/obote/genocide.htm In Paragraph 75 and 76 Obote wrote,

“It began when I was in London in 1962. Uganda was not yet independent. Mrs Pumla Kissonsonkole was also in London on a mission unconnected with my being in London. Pumla came to my hotel without appointment one afternoon and told me of the presence in London, of certain people from South Africa whom she knew and thought I should meet.

What she said was to my heart and an article of faith to the UPC. Pumla and I decided to go and meet those “certain people” very much in the same way as she had come to my hotel; i.e., without appointment.

That was when I met Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and four other leaders of the Africa National Congress (ANC). The ANC leaders asked for Uganda passports for their cadres and for the Passports to be endorsed for travel to “all countries”. At that time, before Independence, Uganda Passports were endorsed for all countries except “Communist (ruled) countries”. I readily agreed to the ANC request and after Independence redeemed my promise, I hope, to their satisfaction.

Soon after independence, the endorsement in the Uganda passport was changed to all countries “except South Africa, Portugal and Portuguese Colonial Territories”. Looked at today, it seems totally nothing, but in 1963, such a policy and posture by a neo-colonialist State was regarded seriously by NATO countries as evidence of communist control of the neo-colonialist government.

Thus that simple change, in the endorsement of the Uganda passport and the issuing of the same to the ANC, confirmed to the NATO countries that the UPC was communist controlled...”

Yoga Adhola,
New York, USA