Thursday March 10 2016

NRM should address feuds in party

By Samuel Mweru Byachi

The NRM party should sooner than later resolve the differences obtaining in its administration following the recent petition against the secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba by at least 50 NRM party staff.
In conduct of business, it is pertinent that managers appreciate the need for performing to the expectations of their stakeholders. Accountability is a key ingredient in our national Constitution and should cut across all institutions. Institutions should not claim to be accountable till this tenet is vivid to all the rank and file. Even if the NRM was a business, it would be accountable to its customers who are key stakeholders in the rise and fall of the same.

What is happening is bad for the party faithful and should immediately be nipped in the bud. While many grounds in the petition could be debatable, the one regarding inaccessibility to the SG by staff is inexcusable and interestingly, it was one of the issues that was raised against the former SG. It is vital that we interrogate this matter since it is contrary to the ideals of any democracy. Another dilemma arises given media reports regarding the bad blood between the SG on the one hand and her deputy and the chairman of the NRM electoral commission on the other.

Can the centre hold without quick intervention by the party structures? I wrote earlier on in the press that MPs who had been given assignments in the NRM party do not relinquish their seats in Parliament because I had foreseen that there would be contradictions in the short and medium terms. The petitioners literally want the SG sacked yet she did not stand for MP in the recently concluded parliamentary elections which she had high chances of winning. In essence, they want her to go home and rear ducks!

Is this a battle of who is who? Is there malice aforethought? Or is it a question of square pegs in round holes? Peter Drucker, a renowned management guru, counsels that let managers manage. In my opinion, the new SG and her team are so recent that they should be given time to organise better. While the aggrieved party may have a case against the SG and hopefully out of genuine love for their party, it is simply necessary that the appointing authority should provide a closed door platform for accusations and counter accusations among the top leadership at Kyadondo, which should end up by mending fences and working for the party in a mutually beneficial relationship.
Samuel Mweru Byachi,