Thursday September 4 2014

Nadiope cannot be installed as Kyabazinga illegally

We have noted with great concern the continuous series of stories to suggest that Nadiope has been installed as Kyabazinga of Busoga legally and legitimately, and that all Basoga are extremely happy and have embraced Nadiope as their Kyabazinga plus various other stories deliberately geared at giving a deliberate impression that Busoga is starting a new reign under William Nadiope.

This campaign started some time back with notions to the effect that the legitimate Kyabazinga of Busoga Edward C Wambuzi Zibondo XIII is embattled notwithstanding that all the civil cases that were filed by William Nadiope and his friend Fred Menhya were all dismissed in favour of HRH Edward C Wambuzi Zibondo XIII, the Kyabazinga of Busoga.

The above campaign even disregards an existing court order and decree that clears invalidates the purpoted Lukiiko that approved Nadiope as Kyabazinga and his election as so. The campaign is to install Nadiope as Kyabazinga of Busoga in disregard of our norms, culture and the decisions of court with regard to this issue.

The purpose of this article is to inform you that no amount of media campaign will install Nadiope as Kyabazinga of Busoga.

Royalty is not imposed and never will it. Long Live HRH Edward C Wambuzi Long Live the Lion of Busoga. Okwisania na Maani.

Daniel Lubogo