Saturday February 8 2014

Need for certificate course in parliamentary conduct

The requirements for being a Member of Parliament in Uganda are very minimal. An A-Level certificate or its equivalent is one of the requirements. This is so minimal to the extent that many Senior Six vacists refer to themselves as MPs.

Since it is unlikely that these requirements can easily be changed, I suggest that a three-month certificate course in parliamentary conduct be introduced at the Law Development Centre, attracting a minimum qualification of an A-Level certificate so that all intending councillors, LC3, LC5 chairpersons and MPs -to- be should attend and come to understand how councils/Parliament business is conducted and not wait for an induction course after representatives have been elected to the House.

I have noted from both the district councils and Parliament that some elected leaders never attended and participated in any debate during secondary schools and, therefore, simply keep quiet during House debates under the guise of suporting party positions and some even sleep! This course would ensure that we build capacity in representation and legislation.

Samuel Mweru,