Thursday January 14 2016

Non-performers have no place in police

I read in Daily Monitor of January 13 that the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura has sacked all crime intelligence officers and three police commanders in the Kampala Metropolitan area over failure to prevent crime, alleged connivance with criminal gangs, drunkenness and negligence.

This time, I salute you IGP. If they are not capable of carrying out tasks for which they were employed, then they are good for nothing. They should either go for more training or find other jobs. Having said that, even the police training colleges need to be revisited because it appears there might be problems at the training college itself.

Thank you Gen Kale Kayihura for being pro-people. Indeed some officers do connive with criminals and that’s not even a secret.
Get serious on them and they will wake up. Several people, if given those jobs can make a difference in society. Let them go if they can’t perform as expected.
Henry Settimba