Tuesday February 4 2014

Opposition should embrace change

By Samuel Mweru Byachi

The transition from Mr Nandala Mafabi to Mr Wafula Oguttu as Leader of Opposition (LoP) in Parliament needs to be respected. There are already reports that supporters of Mr Mafabi have protested his dismissal from the post, which is not good for the party’s unity.

It is also in the interest of the ruling party, NRM, that multi-partysm grows. Opposition MPs, including Mafabi and Oguttu, were not elected to Parliament to lead the Opposition but primarily to represent their constituents.
I appeal to everyone, including those in the ruling party, to support Mr Oguttu so that we build a more meaningful democracy in Uganda. In future, we need a constitutional amendment that automatically brings in as MP, the flag bearer for the biggest opposition party to assume the role of LoP.

Samuel Mweru Byachi