Tuesday July 8 2014

Patriotism clubs are popularising the National Anthem

Reference is made to a letter in the Saturday Monitor of July 5 titled, ‘Here is how to popularise the National Anthem’. The writer asks what National Secretariat for Patriotism Clubs (NSPC) are doing to popularise the anthem.

All NSPC programmes in schools are preceded and followed by singing the National Anthem and East African Community (EAC) anthems – Swahili versions. The purpose of the Swahili versions is to recognise that Swahili is a factor of integration of East African countries.

To effect this approach, NSPC developed routine patriotism activities and messages for schools and post-primary institutions. These activities among others include (a) Flag raising ceremonies: daily hoisting of the National Flag, the East African flag in addition to any other flag the school may choose to have (b) On flag raising ceremonies the whole school should always sing the Uganda National Anthem. It is also recommended that singing of the East African Cooperation anthem be popularised.

Through Ministry of Education and Sports this guideline was issued to all head teachers of secondary schools as an attachment to Circular No. 29/2012 dated December 4 2012 and signed by Dr Yusuf K. Nsubuga. It was copied to Chief Administrative Officers, District Education Officers and chairpersons, Board of Governors. So, as to have it as a joint effort, Dr Nsubuga in Circular No.

28/2012 sent the same communication to all Chief Administrative Officers and District Education Officers with copies to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Government, LC5 chairpersons and Resident District Commissioners.

Indeed we often urge target groups to simply live by the wordings in the National Anthem to become patriotic – Mungu, umoja, uhuru, pendo, juhudi, pamoja, majirani, amani, jua, inchi itulishayo, Uganda, Afrika. You too should live by them now.

Lulu Itipa
Patriotism Secretariat