Tuesday February 9 2016

Pay upkeep allowance for Ugandan students in India

It’s exactly 18 months since we came to study in India under the Indian Council for Cultural Relations after going through the required rigorous interviews at the Ministry of Education.

We came here (India) in June 2014 and we signed a contract with the Uganda Ministry that every quarter (3 months), we shall be getting $ 300 for upkeep and support towards scholastic materials. However, six quarters down the road, students have only received payment for two quarters with only six months (two quarters) left to complete our studies. The ministry should know that we have accumulated too many rental debts with some of the landlords already confiscating our passports.

We need to pay our landlords as soon as possible to avoid any misunderstanding come July when we shall complete our studies and come back home.

Even with numerous calls to Kampala office, the ministry officials just keep telling us that the Ministry of Finance have not yet released the quarterly payments.

The question is, for how long will they keep us waiting?
With all the racism, especially against Africans in India, (BBC World News of February 5th, “African Students in India need assurance of their security”) our government should help us and act fast in sending the money.
Name with-held