Payroll display system a good way to eliminate ghost workers

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Posted  Tuesday, January 14   2014 at  02:00

At a time of massive corruption scandals in government, it is good news that the Ministry of Finance has implemented the President’s directive to publicly account for taxpayers’ funds in all government agencies. In this system, transparency and accountability of taxpayers’ money will be observed through public display of payrolls on notice boards.

The new payroll display system will automatically eliminate ghost workers and unnecessary responsibilities at the agencies that are in most cases established by corrupt people for their own benefit.

According to the Secretary to the Treasury in the Ministry of Finance, Mr Keith Muhakanizi, a number of ghost workers, especially in the Education and Health ministries, will not be recognised by the government payroll system.

This good move will make agencies cost-effective, efficient and corruption free as it seeks to correct problems in the payroll and minimise delays in payment of government workers since the accounting officers at different organisation levels will be held responsible.
This is a good start of 2014 for all Ugandans.

Roggers Akanyijuka,

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