Friday August 8 2014

Pray for peace of entire Middle East region, not just Israel

By George Kanyomoozi

Allow me to express my dissatisfaction with the way some churches conduct prayers.

On July 31, a friend was baptising his children, and I was part of the visiting worshippers to the church. The service went on well until one of the ministers led a prayer asking for guidance.

I was disappointed when she prayed for God to provide victory to Israel that is under attack.

She continued to say the holy land of God is under threat and God should continue to give mighty power to Israel to defend the holy land, give them the mighty power to kill and eliminate all the non-believers for the sake of the holy land of God, Israel.

I would have expected her to pray for peace in the Middle East including Israel and Palestine.
A number of you have watched the horrible destruction on Gaza land and the death of innocent women, children, and elderly with a total estimated death toll of more than 1,700 Palestinians.

Israel too has lost people but not in the magnitude of Gaza. This notwithstanding, killing of human humanity should be condemned regardless of the whether they are Israelites or Palestinians. I do not think that the God we pray to would sanctify racist prayers.

The Church should induct their ministers to be responsible in the way they conduct their prayers and be sensitive to global issues.

George Kanyomoozi,