Sunday July 20 2014

President Museveni should watch more football matches

By Chris M. Kato

While opening a factory in Mukono, President Museveni said Uganda Cranes must tussle it out with Mauritania and must make sure not to concede an own goal just like Nigeria did during the World Cup tournament.

The President added that soccer is his favourite game but he does not have time to watch matches because he is busy and so he has to rely on informers for football updates.

The President should know that an own goal has never been intentional. Innumerable circumstances can lead to this. Just like a team conceding a penalty goal resulting from a handball that may have arisen out of a player looping a ball onto the arm of his opponent.

These two circumstances are very common in football and so if a goal is conceded arising out of any of these, there is no cause for alarm, it is part of the game. I wish the President could spare some time and watch matches, he would then appreciate the beauty of the game and its unifying factor.
The “idiot” Amin dedicated resources and time to football that is why it was only during his reign that Uganda reached its pinnacle in football in Ghana in 1978 Africa Cup of Nations.

Chris M. Kato,