Saturday January 25 2014

President Museveni will never lose an election

The Anti-homosexuality Bill was recently passed by Parliament and is now pending the President’s approval. However, the President has not signed it yet, arguing that although homosexuality is dominantly alien and exotic; its practitioners are an abnormal lot who only need counselling but not legislation.

His argument now, in no small measure, contradicts the stance he took when he said kissing in public is a foreign culture which Africans ought to desist from. He qualified his assertion by saying that if he indeed kissed his wife in public, he would lose the next election.

I am of the view that if he did it, he would not lose any election. If he were to lose any election he should have lost the 2011 election having attempted to give away Mabira Forest to Mehta Group for sugar plantation. Despite the countrywide outcry from almost all citizens including the Kabaka of Buganda’s offer of alternative land, the president went ahead and said he knows better about the environment than any other Ugandan!

This unpopular move was only thwarted by a demonstration that culminated in the death of an Indian and the populace’s threat to boycott Mehta Group products. This is a classic example that alienated the President from the electorate that should have, under normal circumstances, caused him to fall from grace to grass during the 2011 elections.

Arguably how can mere public kissing of his wife tantamount to loss of any election? Mr President, I wish to allay your fears, rest assured you can never lose an election in Uganda. This fact has now dawned on many Ugandans including but not limited to your arch rival in the last three presidential elections Dr Kizza Besigye.

Chris M. Kato,