Wednesday June 11 2014

President is contradicting himself

By Chris. M. Kato

Times change, indeed in President Museveni’s case, times have changed so drastically to the extent that he has forgotten or he deliberately contradicts himself in order to suit his interest at a time! While delivering the State-of-the-Nation Address last Thursday, Museveni decried the pollutant effect being occasioned to Lake Victoria in particular and other environmentally degradable features like forests in the country.

It should be remembered that in 2007, he mooted an idea of parceling part of Mabira Forest and give it away to the Mehta Group for sugarcane growing. A lot of hullabaloo ensued from all and sundry. It took the nation to carry out a fatal demonstration led by MP Beatrice Anywar and Mr Tom Butime that the President abandoned this plan.

The President’s approach on matters of environment protection have in no small measure contributed to the degradation of the environment. Locals know that his word on any issue in Uganda is final thus any public comment he makes is construed as an order. Take, for instance, his recent pronouncement on Naads dissolution.

The country is now awash with news that Naads is no more yet we all know that Naads was created by an Act of Parliament and so its disbandment should be done by none other than the sitting and pronouncement of the August House on that matter. In fact, while watching news, I was bemused to see an official earnestly beseeching the President to rescind his decision on Naads.

Hate him or like him, President Museveni may be an astute political demagogue whose charisma has enabled him to set a precedent as the longest serving president in the East African region but his salient overriding objective of political survival by far outweighs any good intentions he may have about sustainable economic development of the country! Now that the President realises the importance of protection of natural resources for sustainable economic advancement, we hope he will equally tackle vices like corruption, which is steadily eating away the country to the bone marrow.

We hope we shall never again hear statements like “Mbabazi is a loyal cadre that is why I forgave him”. He said this during the Temangalo saga that had his current Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi at the pinnacle of investigations.