Saturday July 12 2014

President missed a point on Kasese

By Kennedy Kabonge

In a letter which appeared in the Daily Monitor of July 9, President Museveni tried to explain the genesis of the Kasese conflicts but his argument is not convincing enough.

He ignored a very important point which is that a World Bank commissioned research report on Africa titled “Can Africa claim the 21st Century” brings out clearly.

The report says that contrary to popular belief, Africa’s conflicts do not stem from ethnic diversity. Conflicts are driven by poverty, underdevelopment and lack of economic diversification as well as political systems which marginalise large parts of the population.

It also observes that conflict perpetuates poverty, creating a vicious cycle which can only be reversed by special development efforts including long run peace building and political reforms.

Mr President, 28 years is a long time for a visionary leader of a highly resource endowed country like Uganda to fail to address those problems highlighted by this report.
I condemn violence for whatever reason with the contempt it deserves. Let us learn to resolve our deference’s through non violent means. May the souls of Ugandans who died, rest in eternal peace.

Kennedy Kabonge,