Saturday June 14 2014

President should have consulted before declaring uniform fees for foreign students

By Samuel Ocen Makerere University

It is true that President Museveni has many good ideas for Uganda as well as Africa but most of the time he tries to transform his visions into realities without seeking advise from stakeholders. Passing policies through promises without scrutiny from experts just for political popularity is wrong.

Before unifying cost of education in Uganda for all students, the President should first ensure equality in accessibility to tertiary education for Ugandans. Will he also put a quota on the number of foreign students joining Ugandan universities?

If not, then we might end up training more students from other countries than from Uganda. In Makerere, foreign students make up about 30-40 per cent of the total student population while in other universities such as Kampala International University, they are almost 80-90 per cent. Most of the time, I find the President more sympathetic to issues in neighbouring states than to his own.
These foreign students will possibly crowd out Ugandan students in tertiary institution because they can afford compared to Ugandan students.

I wonder why we want to be more East Africans than the other member countries. Do we get equal treatment in other countries? I have heard about deportations of Ugandans from other EAC countries but have never heard about Uganda deporting anyone from EAC, why?

I might sound segregative here, but I am sure some Ugandans are also asking these questions.