Proposal to increase MPs salaries is unreasonable

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By Online reader

Posted  Saturday, April 5   2014 at  22:04

Increasing Members of Parliaments’ salaries is not a priority. Instead, MPs’ salaries should be drastically reduced just as their Kenyan counterparts did.

What is wrong with our country? Why have we become greedy, selfish individuals with no love for our country whatsoever?
We have teachers sleeping in classrooms as soon as students go home because they cannot afford proper housing.

Most of the medical equipment in our hospitals is in poor condition due to lack of repair and spare parts.
Basic pain killers cost a fortune and most of those medicine on sale in drug stores is expired.
At least 85 per cent of our schools, hospitals and clinics built by past regimes are now dilapidated and yet Parliament wants a salary increament for MPs! Shame on you all!
Online reader

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