Wednesday August 27 2014

Public servants must respect procedures

By Matthew Owomukama

Top Ugandan civil servants and politicians have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Transport minister, Abraham Byandala authorised the award of a contract and a subsequent advance payment of Shs24.6 billion to a construction firm before a conclusive due diligence was carried out. The Health ministry Permanent Secretary rerouted funds meant for vital functions owing to pressure from his colleagues, NSSF remains without a permanent leadership even after a costly interview process was completed.
I do not doubt the will of President Museveni towards fighting financial indiscipline among government bureaucrats, but even he has to acknowledge the role of, and respect the clearly laid out procedures.

All those entrusted with public resources should remember that when the time to answer comes, it will be a lot safer to account for any shortfalls along the way if procedures were followed.
As long as government continues to operate in total contempt of the well-laid procedures, public funds will remain a target for crooks.