Thursday June 19 2014

Publicise costs of govt projects

By Paul Galandi

The move to finance 81 per cent of our budget is laudable and this should even be fast-tracked to reach 100 per cent in the near future.

Nonetheless, one of the most disturbing issues whether factual or not is that the cost of major projects in Uganda is sometimes three times the cost of similar projects in the other East African countries. Take, for example, the cost of ID project in Uganda which we are told compared to similar ID projects in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, is way too high. Ugandans may not have the facts but it is the duty of government to provide the facts and allay these fears in order for citizens to appreciate government’s good intentions.

I would suggest that before government commits funds to any major project, let there be a comparative analysis and sharing of the costs incurred by our EAC member states on similar projects so as to comfort the tax payers who are the bed rock of a self-sustaining economy that Uganda aspires to be. This way, I for one would not complain about paying the tax.