Put donor funds to intended use

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Posted  Wednesday, September 3   2014 at  01:00

I don’t speak for the donors but it is out of concern as a Ugandan to warn other Ugandans that this could be the last time Uganda is being given funds/grants to fight the HIV/Aids scourge!
Since 2003, I have heard and read about donations with and without strings attached to cater for malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV/Aids but accountability of such has yielded unclear results raising the donors’ eyebrow and almost frustrating them.
The $421m that Uganda has received together with mosquito nets is thought to be able to boost the health sector until about 2017.
My appeal to the unscrupulous persons in public office is to stay away from this donation so that we can be able to get more grants and donations.
Michael Mutumba,

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