Tuesday February 25 2014

Relocating taxis to Usafi Market is a disservice to commuters

The people who made the directive to have taxis moved from Cooper-Complex to Usafi Market did not think about the commuters. They might have had a good plan in mind, but, ever since the change was made, we are suffering.

Commuters, especially those with luggage, find it difficult to move from the city centre to Usafi. One needs a boda boda to go to the new stage. Secondly, there are many street thugs and pickpockets at Clock Tower who are likely to steal from someone walking to the new taxi stage.

Transport has become expensive, since there is now need for a boda boda from the city centre to Usafi Market. That aside, boda boda riders are reckless and one could get injured incase an accident occurs. Those without money to pay for a boda boda ride have to go the distance, and brave robbery attempts. The change comes with a high price for commuters to pay. Hopefully it pays off.

Onesmus Muwanga,