Review all flaws in Constitution

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By Raphael Kobologo

Posted  Thursday, August 7   2014 at  10:27

We should embark on an aggressive, nationwide petition to recall all MPs who are under performing and not delivering enough or even not at all. Meanwhile, more pressure should be exerted on the government to listen to the voices of the majority, to reform the constitutional ambiguities in some of the current laws.

President Museveni should also step down, unconditionally without contesting for re-election in 2016. It might suffice, to make efforts to lobby the United States, the European Union countries and perhaps even the Commonwealth Head of State, if need be. In any case, such a move would give Ugandans a chance or an opportunity, to assess and gauge an understanding into policies of some of these established or mature democracies, whether or not, they are willing to pressure Mr Museveni, to honour the will of majority Ugandans, as opposed to maintaining him in power, against the wishes of the same, assuming this is right.
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