Road Fund is working on improving roads in new districts

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Posted  Sunday, July 27   2014 at  15:00

Road Fund is working on improving roads in new districts

Reading Mr Geoffrey Ayeni’s letter in the Sunday Monitor of June 1, I couldn’t agree more with his opinion on uplifting the status of newly created districts with amenities that befit a district. It is true that the newly created districts’ roads are frayed, with no or blocked drainages and are dusty which is a repellent to emergent development opportunities.
The Uganda Road Fund (URF) being cognizant of the state of roads in the newly created and old districts, has earmarked Shs10bn in the next Financial Year in addition to its Annual Indicative Planning Figures for tarmacking 1km of town council roads in selected districts.
A uniform figure of Shs400m million has been allocated to the agencies which will undertake works using Force Account (works carried out by a designated agency using its own or hired labour and equipment). In case of equipment inadequacy, districts will borrow from neighbouring districts or from the established centres.
The URF is also aware that the 1km may not be the desired coverage but in its subsequent funding, more designated agencies will benefit under this facility and also increase on the coverage. By the end of FY2014/15, the Road Fund expects to have sealed 25km of town council roads in parallel with road maintenance works ongoing on all national, district, urban and community access roads.
Shakila Rahim,

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